My New Years Eve Engagement/Proposal


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I am SO very excited to bring you all today’s post! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (which if you don’t, you totally should: @malainacarolei), Taylor & I got engaged!!

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The Holidays are a very special time for me. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a December baby or that I love how magical the month of December always feels, but either way, I absolutely ADORE the holidays. This December was extra special due to the fact that Taylor and I got to spend our very first Christmas (and my December birthday) living together!

Before we knew it, New Years Eve rolled around and we planned on attending our annual tradition of visiting Butchart Gardens‘ 12 Days of Christmas. First, Taylor took me out for a late lunch that day before we headed out to our enjoy our favourite tradition. I noticed he started acting a little off during our lunch and I was starting to wonder what was going on with him! How was he acting strange you ask? Well, he ordered a salad to eat which he NEVER does, and to add, he kept checking his phone during our meal like he couldn’t wait to leave. Eventually we finished our meal and I was ready to head to our final destination.

As Taylor drove us to Butchart Gardens, he kept saying things like “I hope it’s dark by the time we get there”and “It’s ok if you didn’t dress warm enough, we shouldn’t be there for very long”. I was starting to believe he just wanted the night to be over and he was no longer interested in attending our little tradition (little did I know he was having a major anxiety attack because he was about to ask me to be his wife!). Once we arrived and he parked our car, Taylor was basically running ahead of me through the parking lot and as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I couldn’t keep up! It definitely did not help that I was wearing boots with a chunky heel, or that his legs are 5 times longer than mine! I remember finally catching up to Tay, grabbing his hand, and (probably in the sassiest way) saying; “You’re walking too fast, SLOW DOWN!”. After having the whole plan explained to me after Taylor had proposed to me, I finally realized why he was in such a rush to bring me to a certain spot in the gardens. Taylor chose ahead of time to propose to me in front of a massive waterfall that is included in the gardens, so he told his brother (Hi Drayson💗) to meet us there (in disguise) at a specific time to take the candid photo of Taylor proposing to me. We quickly arrived at the waterfall and to my surprise, I turned around to see Taylor kneeling down behind me on one knee. While Taylor was proposing to me, I could see this flash continuously going off above my head and I realized I had most definitely been set up! Of course I said YES and was so beyond happy that Drayson got to share that special moment with us!

After Taylor proposed to me I couldn’t wait to get home and celebrate! I was kind of heavy hearted on the way home knowing that both of our families probably already had plans that evening considering it was New Years Eve. I couldn’t help but feel impatient, I just wanted to share our special announcement with everyone! Once we got home I walked upstairs and to my surprise our families were there to greet us! They had champagne, appetizers, balloons, and even a ‘Congratulations’ sign all set up waiting for us. Not only am I so grateful for my immediate family, but also for my new family, who are such amazing human beings! Their love and support on that evening meant the world to Taylor and I.

All About The Ring

I have to admit that I am really lucky that Taylor was always very diligent about asking what engagement ring style I liked the best. Taylor and I knew very early in our relationship that we would eventually get married, and I was always very excited when he would bring up any talk about engagement rings. The ring I had chose a few months ago is actually the ring I received as my engagement ring! The ring we chose was designed by a wonderful husband & wife team who’s brand is called SamNSue. My ring is 14K White Gold, the centre is a forever brilliant radiant cut moissanite, and the ring is surrounded by dazzling natural fine quality diamonds. 2620WMS-1-700x700

Once Taylor decided when he was going to propose to me, he went online to order the ring and it soon came to his attention that the creation of the ring/the shipping would take 4-6 weeks all together. Taylor reached out to Sue via email and she made sure the ring arrived before Christmas so Taylor was able to propose to me on New Years Eve as planned. Taylor and I cannot say enough good things about Sam and Sue and we urge anyone who is looking to find an engagement ring for their significant other OR a piece of high quality jewelry to visit their website (you will NOT be disappointed!). Thank you so much Sam and Sue, I will be forever grateful! XO

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