My Favourite Sigma Beauty Products


Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is all about my favourite Sigma Beauty products. As I’m sure most of you are aware, Sigma is most known for their magnificent makeup brushes. These brushes don’t empty your piggy bank, and are by far the best makeup brushes I have ever owned.


Recently I was sent some of Sigma‘s makeup products to try out, and I came to the same conclusion as I did with their makeup brushes. A M A Z I N G. The products I received are high quality, easy to blend, and very pigmented. Down below I have mentioned/linked each of my favourite makeup brushes & makeup products by Sigma, as well as explained why I love each and every one. I hope you all enjoy this post! Head over to to find some lust worthy products to add to your Christmas wish-list for this year! xo


3DHD Kabuki: This brush is absolutely perfect for applying foundation. Because of its unique “3D like” shape, it allows for your foundation to layer over every crease & crevasse. 

3DHD Precision: Just like the larger version of this brush mentioned above, it has a unique shape. I fancy this particular brush as a concealer brush. 

All Over Blend (E37): This brush is a classic blending brush for applying/blending eyeshadow through your crease. Obsessed!

Small Duo Fibre (F55): The F55 brush is an outstanding foundation brush & a fantastic brush for applying cream bronzer/blush. 

Medium Sweeper (E54): This eyeshadow brush is perfect for applying colour to your lid. 

Eye Shading (E55): Similar as the brush mentioned above, this brush is another high quality brush for applying colour to your lid.

Makeup Products:

Aura Power in “Pet Name: I am utterly obsessed with this blush! Not only does it add the perfect shade of colour to your cheeks, but it allows a glow to shine through that makes for a natural looking complexion. 

Power Crayon in “Rubicund: This lip colour is to die for! It appears to be a lip crayon, but when applied, it gives you a glossy like sheen as if it were a lip gloss. This is the perfect shade of lip to add some colour to us paler folks during the colder months.

Power Liner in “Make Your Mark: As I’m sure many of you know, I am a lip liner girl. When it comes to me, a full face of makeup is never complete unless I’m wearing lip liner. This is the perfect liner to line around your trendy “Fall red lip” (that is always oh so popular during this time of year).

Eye Shadow in “Act: I can’t get enough of this shade for my lid! This is a show stopping brown with subtle shimmer. I have blue eyes, so applying brown shimmery shades to my lid & adding a darker brown shade in my crease, really allows my eyes to “pop”.

Eye Shadow in “Hitch: This shade is perfect for setting my eyebrows! I was luckily blessed with pretty thick eyebrows, but I still have that one eyebrow that I wish was more of a sister to the other (rather than a cousin). I lightly apply this shade to the arches of my eyebrows to give them a more “full” look.


Express Brush Cleaning Mat: This is such a thoughtful invention! Before using this mat, I always struggled with getting all of the makeup out of my brushes when cleaning them. Now? They can’t get any cleaner! Thank you Sigma!

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