Hi there! I’m Malaina, a Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle blogger living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. I am 21 years young, happily married to the love of my life, Taylor, and a proud college graduate currently working as a Community Support Worker/Education Assistant. I created Champagne Empire in 2015 as my creative outlet to portray a few of my favourite aspects of everyday life, ranging from; daily outfits, beauty tips, and a variety of at home exclusives. I am the ultimate “girly girl” with a habit of over sharing (hence my blog!). Thank you for visiting CE, I invite you to continue following along!


  1. Dani Cyr

    I absolutely love this Malaina! Your style and poise is inspiring! 🙂 – dani cyr

    02 . 03 . 2015
  2. Courtney Bone

    My love! Everything you have been posting so far is so elegant and beautifully set, I’m so happy for you. The style of everything you chose is perfect ! Your amazing at what you do keep it up. XOXOXO

    02 . 10 . 2015

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